When I look at these pictures I am reminded of the term Maya. The term Maya (which is found in Pali and Sanskrit literature) has been literally translated to mean, “that which is not”, and embodies a central concept in Hinduism. That what we perceive as reality is an illusion.

With these pictures, I remember how excited I was to see the reflection of a bird in the window and accept it as beautiful occurrence, but then, looking beyond from a different angle I was able to see both the bird along with its reflection. After taking some pictures I was able to notice that there was yet a third bird on a different branch. It was even more beautiful.

Later I wondered how many possible realities there are if we’re open to see the different views of life.
I strive in life to go beyond what meets the eye and these pictures seemed to exemplify it.

902 913906DSCF5886


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