In remembrance of my mother . . .

Fall may have started in the US, but it is springtime in Chile and these flowers have started to grow over there. I have fond memories of these “Rayitos de Sol” (little rays of sunshine) as my mother used to call them. She liked them so much that she kept them in any container possible. Even though they’re outdoor plants she kept several inside the house. During the night they would open up with the glow of a light bulb.

When I went back to Chile 26 years later my mother was no longer alive, but her flowers still greeted me with their beautiful colors. These are some of the pictures I took.

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These flowers have many names. Lampranthus multiradiatus, Mesembrynthemus Rossum (meaning “midday flowering”), Creeping Redflush, or Wedgewood (whose name changed recently to Pink Ice Plant or Ice Plant). Though native to Southern Africa, Sinai, and southern Europe, they grow abundantly in the central region of Chile and near the coast.


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