Halloween Moons

All things are born from the darkness. The glitter of the universe was the first, and the spark of human self-awareness was equally dynamic in its creation. From then and now, every embryo is incubated in the darkness of the womb – the same as every seedling that sleeps deep among the veins of the earth. When we pass on, we are wrapped in black wings, dissolving into dust and drifting into shadows.
Jomarie Acosta

The first two of these pictures were taken last night, and the rest were taken in the past few months.

I love the many faces of the moon.

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One thought on “Halloween Moons

  1. Reblogged this on Delightful by Nature and commented:

    Almost a year ago I posted these moons. At the time I thought they weren’t very good, but since then I have improved my technique and come to realize these still have their magic, and is part of my history of improving myself as a photographer.


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