Home Treasures: Part 2 – Glass Slippers

“Remember that most beautiful things in the world are useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.”

John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

Fenton Glass Company started in 1905, when brothers Frank and John Fenton set up shop in an old glass factory in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Their initial business model was to paint glass blanks supplied by other manufacturers, but when the brothers ran into supply snags, they decided to make their own, setting up a glassblowing facility in Williamstown, West Virginia. Read More

87fxwtr Fenton Daisy Button Cat’s Head Glass Amber Slipper.196fxwtr 208fxwtr 68fxcrwtr  Fenton Hobnail Vintage light blue glass Cat slipper71fxwtr 195fxcrwtr 63fxwtr 193fxcrwtr 61fxwtrJPG 88bannerwtr


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