noun: mandala; plural noun: mandalas
  1. a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.
    • Psychoanalysis
      a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.

2 thoughts on “Mandalas

    1. Thank you for liking my mandalas. I love mandalas too. I use a computer program called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2. I go under the tab -effects choose refelection and then i click on kaledoscope. It takes some experimentation though. You can choose the number of rings and what part of the picture you want reflected and repeated. It also has a dice mode.Then prepare for a surprise. Some picture can turn out very pretty others super crazy. I like to use my own photos and its pretty fun. See if you can locate a free trial an play with it. I have also heard photo shop may have something like that. Good luck and thanks again.

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